New Years Begin Every Day

I am not a New Year’s Resolution type of person. Each day is a reminder to me that I have another 24 hours of possibilities, so I don’t really need sparkly balls dropping from the sky on New Year’s Eve to get me thinking. I live in the moment, and usually the moment I’m in requires coffee. That is, until gravity began to pull on my person. I noticed on my most recent birthday that gravity had begun gently reminding me I’ve been on Earth for a while. A good while. I have college-aged children type of while. That’s a pretty long while.

Because I accept that gravity is a thing and that time passes, I joined a gym. I do not have the personal motivation necessary to do yoga or exercise tapes, and I truly despise my husband’s little rowing bicycle torture device. That thing judges me, sitting there looking all sleek and sportylicious. Instead, I tossed on my old sweats and t-shirt, happy to receive my teacher discount at the local gympeople establishment.

For three months, I have stuck to a regimen. This is not gloating. I’ve been breathing for a whole bunch of years and I’m not likely to give myself a sticker for that, either. There are days where sticking to my regimen is the biggest accomplishment of my day. I might only have done the exercise gig for 15 minutes, but at least I did the exercise gig. I celebrate the days where I reach my fitness goal, and I forgive myself the days that I jog at a pace even slower than I normally walk – at least I’m out there.

Of course I feel better. That endorphin kick people talk about works even when a person hasn’t run a marathon. For me, I start being able to problem solve and think more clearly after 30 minutes of doing whatever exercise I’m doing that day. Exercise helps me manage my stress better. I can also climb a couple flights of stairs without getting winded. I’m feeling pretty awesome about that.

Whatever your resolutions are, I suggest you make them each morning and hold yourself accountable. That can mean a chart, or a journal, or a desk planner, or some groovy-cool “keeping my promises to myself” type app on your phone that beeps when you log in that you’ve done The Thing you set out to do. Keep it real though: I am under no illusion that because I’m now exercising regularly that I have tossed gravity out on its keister. I’d be floating and typing if that were the case.

Happy Monday.


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  1. nickelslife
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 02:03:47

    3 months-way to go!! Good stuff here. I wish I could motivate myself to exercise more.



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