A long week

It’s been a long week today. I mean this experientially if not exactly. Today has been extralong, as if, in the act of going through this day, I created a warp in the space-time continuum and began floating willy-nilly among time. While I am a carpe diem kind of gal, I am not a carpe this diem and the next few diems for good measure kind of gal.

Today was a standardized testing day. The students approached their testing like the troopers they are, with equal parts determination and courage. We squared our collective and metaphorical shoulders and hunkered down. The clock ticked to remind us that, contrary to our sensation, time was indeed passing. When the final pencil was placed on the table and the last head thumped in a combination of exhaustion and relief, we collected the booklets, turned them in, and went outside to play.

I had to squint my eyes against the sunshine; it felt like it ought to be dusk already. I heard the students’ screeching and laughter, the whining and petty arguments that naturally follow a sudden release of stress. After about 20 minutes, we went back inside to resume our regularly scheduled day. The problem with this, though, was that it wasn’t a regularly scheduled day. When half the day has been eaten up attempting to find answers to arbitrarily worded questions, the day is not normal.

The part of today that makes this week so long is that the students have more testing tomorrow, and more after that. I am pretty sure Sisyphus himself would say, “Nope, I’ll take the rock up that hill; you keep taking those standardized tests.” Meanwhile, we’ll be spending small eternities deciding whether a) or b) is more correct, or whether c) all of the above or d) none of the above are true.

I am looking forward to time resuming its normal measure.

(Note: I wrote this on Monday; I just didn’t post until today because time is still a little messed up!)



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