The Value of 25 Years

In a little over a week, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, which seems like an eternity-ish long time until I put it into its proper perspective. I checked with my good friends at Google, and found some interesting statistics: According to an array of sources too numerous to bother citing, the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is about eight years. That feels about like what I thought it would be, but then I wondered: what about the average length of a marriage that doesn’t end in divorce? According to a couple Google-based statisticians, this average is around 27 years; the median is around 40 years. We sometimes feel a little odd because we’ve been sharing each other’s life space for a good while, but it turns out we’re just entering the second phase of our marriage. I find that pretty cool.

I can’t really comment on the longevity of our marriage in terms of its whys and hows, but I can say with absolute certainty that he is my favorite person on the planet. Because I started with statistics, I thought it might be interesting to view what 25 years look like from our perspective. In no particular order, here’s a glimpse:

  • Two children
  • Nine different homes in four states
  • Three dogs, two cats, three frogs, four lizards, and a gecko
  • Seven long road trips (if my count is correct, we’ve been to 30 of the contiguous states in all)
  • Two health scares, both completely treatable
  • One bout with skin cancer, also completely treatable
  • One broken bone
  • Four sets of braces
  • A measure of funerals, weddings, baby showers and graduations
  • More laughter than tears
  • More trips to fast food emporiums than we should ever admit

I have no need to keep going; our marriage is ours and the list made me get all teary-eyed. After all these years together, I feel like I am just now getting to know my husband. He’s funny, wonderfully and humbly intelligent, and the only person I know who can annoy me and charm me at the same time. The fact that we met is my sister’s doing; that he’s the person I share my good news, bad news, boring news and gossip with, is all our own. I have no clue what the next 25 years of our life are going to be like, but I do know that of all the good that has come my way this far in my life, I am most grateful for the kids and him.


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