Task Avoiding Like a Champ


You can take your people who squeeze that extra hour out of their day when the rest of us just have the standard 24: I’ll raise you my ability to task avoid. I like the feeling of accomplishing projects great or small, long-term or short – but only if, to quote my friend’s preschooler, I wanna. If I wanna do that thing, no matter how complex or challenging, how long it takes, I will get it done, on time, with stickers and glitter and probably even a soundtrack.

The problem arises when I don’t wanna. When I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna with a vengeance. Don’t wanna go to the store? The gravitational pull on my behind keeps me fettered to the couch. Don’t wanna do my homework? I will “research” my topic, which for some mysterious reason, changes from that topic I was actually researching to playing Trivia Crack. It’s educational, I learn stuff, I tell myself. Or, I decide that I’m hungry and will perish from this planet if I don’t go get a handful of chocolate chips. Don’t judge my snacking choices here, I’m busy. Busy doing what? Task avoiding, of course.

I have the don’t wannas pretty regularly when it comes to my homework. I may relish being a lifelong learner, but along the way of all that learning in my life, I have learned how to task avoid magnificently. I had an assignment due this past Wednesday that I couldn’t summon even a morsel of guilt over not completing – until today, when I realized that working on this project was going to potentially cut into my free time tomorrow.

I have enough self-control not to procrastinate until tomorrow night and then get the I-wanna-sleep-until-this-goes-away dilemma that was all-too common in college, so I groaned (you probably heard it) and sat down. I shuffled, reshuffled and stacked my papers to get reacquainted with my work, then wanted to clean the house all of a sudden – and realized I’d rather get my homework done than clean. I sat down and finished that pesky assignment post-haste. No sparklies, no soundtrack, but complete. There are times when striving for a certain level of mediocrity in work completion is not only recommended, but downright magnificent.

Completing my homework probably took me about three hours longer than it should have, but that’s a symbol of my task avoidant excellence. Now, it’s time for a well-deserved break before I revisit the housework concept. The only problem: I don’t wanna do it.


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