A Month of Blogging Out Loud

I gave myself a challenge: separate myself from my job after 7:00 each evening and spend time doing the things I enjoy: reading, writing, and occasionally even hanging out with my family. This is a wild promise to myself, one that I have yet to follow through on for more than a few weeks at a time. I am not a tremendously busy person, but I am a committed one. As a teacher, my evenings are spent worrying about the students, grading papers and worrying some more about the students, sending emails about said students, and losing sleep because I’m worrying about the students. A friend gave me a yoga book in which the author argued that worry was a form of arrogance. Who am I to assume I know better than my students? I can agree with that statement up to a point. I can read a student’s background story, but honestly that’s just bits of paper and diagnostics wrapped up in a nice manila file that tells me essentially nothing about the heart of the student, their hopes and favorite topping on their pizza. I am, however, in a position of knowing a thing that I would love if the students could know too. So, yeah, worry.

At 7:00 each night I have been forcing myself to put the worry and work down. Instead, I have been pursuing my hobbies. That’s kind of odd for someone who eats, breathes, and lives teaching. So far I’ve noticed that my energy is a little more focused because of that 7:00 deadline. Working smarter, not harder? I’m not sure about that; I actually worked up a sweat today trying to finish all the grading, reporting and chores on the to-do list. However, 7:00 is pretty awesome. I went to my local gympeople place to check in with my cardiovascular system (it’s still working), and came home to peruse my local internet sites.

As part of my healthy self-care project, I also decided to write a blog every day for the next 30 days and see what wild weirdness and joy emanates from my fingers.  The larger project is, however, to reconnect with the reason I work so hard in the first place: fun. I might even actually go visit people on a –gasp – school night. I’m not sure my system could handle that excitement, but I’m willing to try.

Wish me luck.



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