Deadpool was awesome, but not for kids

I went to see Deadpool today (loved it, won’t spoil it for anyone). I confess I haven’t read the eponymous Marvel comic, but I definitely appreciate the crotch-in-the-face irreverence of the movie. I don’t normally review movies because I’m not qualified, but I will make a recommendation: this movie isn’t for kids.

No doubt because of some alternate space-time continuum, there were people under seven years old at this movie. Maybe they weren’t actually seven; maybe they were middle-aged and wear their years extraordinarily well with that youthful joie de vivre that can only be called Gap Jr. I don’t normally care who attends which movie. However, there were kids sitting in bolster seats munching on fruit snacks. I love fruit snacks too, but I don’t need someone to buy my ticket for me and make sure I use the buddy system to go to the bathroom.

I admit, I am confused. Of all the movie choices out there, these young ones were at the movie most likely to require their parents to give them some version of The Talk or What Not To Say When You Go To School on Monday. I can maybe buy into the notion that the kids won’t find any of the violent scenes realistic. It was ridiculously CGI-generated even to my myopic eyeballs. I can sit through an X-Men movie with no worry for the little ones sitting next to me and things get blown to smithereens in those films as well. So what’s the difference between the usual Marvel comic movie and this?

Pretty much everything. The movie definitely earned its R rating, and while I don’t normally pay attention to ratings because I don’t have to, this one’s pretty obvious. Like I said, I loved the movie. I’d just feel a little awkward watching it while sitting next to my seven-year-old niece.


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