I Didn’t Adult Very Well Today

Most days, I adult pretty well. I bring my lunch, mind my manners, do the day, and go home to reflect on how I can do better the next day. Last night, I got organized: clothing ready, lunch prepared, and lessons planned. I even packed my homework bag so I wouldn’t forget anything.

Today started out straightforward enough: morning routine, made it to work at the usual time, got the day percolating along. Then it happened: I was in a bad mood, the type of mood that greets the world with a growl rather than a grin. I had no particular reason for this, just that there it was, the unwelcome visitor to my regularly scheduled programming. My students, who I respect and admire, pushed the teacherly buttons. The eyeball rolls, the resistance to the lesson at hand. Not educationally awesome. Of course I accept the ebb and flow of a school day, but there’s a pretty good reason I have labeled this time of year the Third Quarter Blues. Today was the exemplar of that reason.

Rather than chugging along, the day hobbled, then fell apart. After I put it back together, it was time to go home. While I’m thankful for every day, sometimes I’m just thankful the day is over. As I sit and reflect on how I can do better tomorrow, the only thing I keep coming up with is that I need to not have today happen tomorrow. Fortunately because time is like that, it won’t.

For days like today, I will forgive myself my mood and try doing that adult thing again tomorrow. Instead, I will drown my self-absorbed sorrows in motivational YouTube videos or reruns of I Love Lucy.


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