Types of vending machines that would actually be useful


The newest excitement in my town is a cupcake vending machine. A person can choose whether to sprinkle, frost, flavor, or just eat the vending-cakelet as-is. I wasn’t aware that a cupcake craze had overtaken my town, but it’s generating a huge amount of excitement. While I have a pretty significant sweet tooth (chocolate is, in fact, a food group on my pyramid of happy eating), I can’t really embrace this whole cupcake-in-a-machine notion.

This gives me some great copycat ideas:

Dial-a-Compliment: Feeling slightly down? Here’s a quick pick-me-up for those occasions when a kind word would make a difference.

Hug machine: Dial the type of hug you wish to receive (brotherly hug, pat on the back, full embrace) and the machine will do the rest.

Daily Quotespiration machine: enter a code for the type of inspiration you seek, and a quote will be delivered immediately. Calligraphy costs extra.

Missing item machine: Need those socks that disappeared? The other earring? The pen you misplaced? Dial it up on this machine and you’ll receive a match.

Take it Back: This machine would mechanically remove your foot from your mouth when you’ve said the wrong thing.

Silence Station: Dial an amount of time to enter this vending machine of tranquility so you can regroup.

Just a minute: Get another minute to finish a task, start a task, or read the last page of a book for example.

Count to Ten: Stress threatening your cool? Dial a 10-count of stress relief. Aromatherapy costs more.

There. That’s a pretty good beginning. I’m sure you can think of others that would be even more useful to you than a cupcake vending machine.



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