In 30 Minutes

I love time, particularly when I get to spend it doing nothing in particular. Fifteen minutes can get explained away with some version of “I got caught up” (going to the store, vacuuming under the beds, having a quick nap). Thirty beautiful minutes, on the other hand, is Time. Thirty minutes is long enough to do Something without it being long enough to do a whole lot of something. Visualize this:

In 30 minutes I have taken a shower, dried my hair, done the makeup, gotten dressed, and eaten my breakfast. Many friends have almost finished doing their hair in that amount of time. With all due respect, my brethren and sistren in the hair decoration club have blown out, styled, curled/straightened, braided, or even performed hair enhancement clippage. I find that impressive and a little scary.

In 30 minutes, I read about 30 pages of a book, fewer if I had to think while I read. In that same amount of time, my son has chosen one book off the shelves at the library and decided whether or not he’s going to read it. Give him another 30 and he’ll decide for certain. Again, this is not judgment. I’m impressed with his thoughtful attention to decisions.

In 30 minutes, I cook dinner, set the table, and called the family together to eat. In that same amount of time, my chef friend has created a wonderfully plated salad that makes me weep from the beauty and harmonious arrangements of textures and colors.

In 30 minutes, I have wogged (walked/jogged) two miles uphill on the treadmill. Or yoga-posed myself into flexibility. Or relaxed and had a couple cookies with coffee.

For today, though, in the last 30 minutes, I have stared at the computer screen wondering where the 30 minutes have gone. I hope this won’t continue through the next 30, because then real time will have passed and I’ll have to start explaining myself.

Time. She catches up to all of us.



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