Spring Cleaning

Living light and relatively uncluttered is an idea with increasing appeal. Instead of sorting through boxes to find what I’m looking for, what if the object I seek is already on the shelf? Woah, paradigm shift. I am not a particularly memento-laden person, but even so, marriage and children have contributed quite a bit to the amount of miscellany in the house. In other words, we’re a little cluttered around here.

I am not a physically sentimental person, and by that I mean that I do not need to hold on to my report cards, notes, or even photos from my youth. However, because of some law of adulthood, I still have them. I put my keepsakes in boxes multiple years ago, where they still sit. I believe there’s some piece of housekeeping advice that if a person hasn’t used something in the past year, they’re probably not going to. I support that idea, but I certainly haven’t done anything about it.

Spring cleaning, whatever time of year people choose to engage in it, is a great time to go ahead and peek in those boxes of yesteryear. I used to be in the habit of going through my closets each February. I’m not sure why that month, and I don’t know why I stopped. I do know that the closets are a little less sparkly and I’m a little more befuddled about my belongings than I am when I’ve sorted through them.

It’s odd that something as straightforward as knowing where the screwdriver is, for example, can help other areas of life (particularly those with some assembly required). At the moment, the closets include relics of hobbies and decades gone by. I’d really rather they feature the possibilities of the present.


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