Brilliant Acts of Kindness

Kind people don’t get much attention. By its very nature kindness is other-focused in a way that avoids spotlights. Through the advent of social media, perhaps kind people are receiving more attention in viral videos and likes/shares, but kindness at its core doesn’t seek notice. It also doesn’t need it. Kindness goes along in its thoughtful way stopping long enough to add quality to someone else’s life. Kind people, then, are superninjas of awesome who have the strength to work magic for others without necessarily seeking anything for themselves.

I was perusing my newspaper and social media this morning and found two brilliant acts of kindness. First, a couple of retirees who love animals have created a retirement community for old cats that have been given up for adoption. I grinned as I read about how the couple built and ran their feline sanctuary. As a person with a mature cat, she’s 17 and still sassy, I gave a tip o’ the hat to their passion for caring for critters that others don’t want due to their age.

Kitty cat kindness was eclipsed by the case worker who surprised a little girl on her adoption day. The girl, a fan of Disney princesses, wore a princess costume to her adoption hearing. The case worker arranged for a host of people dressed in Disney princess attire to witness the event. Even the judge donned a Snow White costume. The viral video showed the girl waving to Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and their respective Prince Charmings, as she waited for the judge to render the court order. Once rendered, the little one skipped over to her princesses in waiting to receive their hugs and good wishes.

I am aware that people will find this a tear-jerky, naïve bit of attention paid to what else has been going on in America and around the world. However, and this is a pretty hefty however, it serves us well to be reminded that we can behave selflessly. Paying attention to those who live their lives with dignity and grace and striving to do so ourselves make sense. I don’t have a Snow White costume, and two cats is my limit, but seeing others take time from their days add value to someone else is inspiring. I’d rather be inspired to be kind than be inspired to fear. Just saying.


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  1. The Originals
    Jun 24, 2016 @ 17:42:45

    True words. Showing kindness doesn’t require any herculean effort from one’s part. All one needs is a big heart…



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